Transportation Services







Flat Beds - Our trailers are 53’ long 102” wide Spread axle, air ride suspension trailers with no headboards attached. This allows us to be versatile to the customers from transporting standard pallet material to pipe and steel up to 60’ long without over-length permits.

Step Decks - Our trailers are 53’ long by 102” wide spread axle trailers air ride suspension. This allows us to have 43’ of bottom deck. Our standard decks are 42” off ground which allows the capabilities of hauling 10’ tall equipment without any permits.

39' aluminum dumps have vinyl sealing tarps to keep all products weather protected. We have capabilities of carrying up to 24 tons of product.

32’ framed & quarter framed dumps have aggregate tarps and are fitted with asphalt tarps. These trailers are approved by DOT for all State projects. The frame stability and all axles staying on ground when dumping makes them the safest trailers in the industry.

28’-40’ steel end dumps - These trailers are equipped with “barn style” rear doors for easy unloading. This makes them versatile for demolition & scrap hauling, along with all other bulk products.

Roll Off trailers - All trailers are 1 box standard rail with frame system to keep trailer stable while loading & unloading, this also allows a low center of gravity while in transit. All trailers are equipped with hydraulic rams instead of winch systems. They are fitted with front and rear tie downs to fit all size roll off boxes.

Dry Van – all trailers are 53’ air ride 100” interior with logistic rails for versatile securing. Trailers are equipped with sliding tandem axle for weight distribution.

Tandem Dumps - These dump trucks are equipped with large spring packs that are designed to withstand the rigors associated with the transportation of heavy loads.

Tri-axle Dumps are assembled with an air-lift third axle to allow for the weight of greater loads to be transported as well as to displace the weight over a greater area.